WhaleplaneStudios is a small, independent game development team with a focus on bringing classic facets of gameplay, design, simplicity and fun to modern audiences. From small projects available on itch.io to large and ambitious projects like Rolliosis+ and Gonzalo the Chicken headed to Steam, WhaleplaneStudios always puts an enjoyable user experience in the forefront of our games.

Team Members:

Jeremy Neville, a Computer Science major in college, is the founder and leader of the team. He develops each project from beginning to end, handling all of the graphics, code, and level design.

Jacob Neville, a high school student, is the brother of Jeremy and creates all of the music for WhaleplaneStudios.

Joonas Tyler, a Cyber Security major in college, tests all of WhaleplaneStudios’ games and helps with ideas, level design, and community outreach.